Elevating Community, Empowering Storytellers, Increasing Diversity, Through the Power of Story




Increase Diversity

  • Only 1 Latina, 3 Asian and 4 Black female directors worked on the top-grossing 1,100 films since 2017.

  • Films with a female director or writer have over 60% more major female characters, while 81% of films with a director of color also have an actor of color attached as one of the two top-billed talent.

  • Providing opportunities to female filmmakers and filmmakers of color creates ripple effects and increases the diversity in the industry.


Expand Industry Access

  • The average independent feature film submitted to Sundance costs $750,000, a fiscal burden that severely limits the scope of potential filmmakers.

  • Equipment and filming opportunities are expensive and especially challenging for low-income storytellers.

  • Providing grants and free film education in low-income communities levels the playing field.


Create Job Opportunities

  • From 2015 to 2016, the film industry in NYC spent 12 billion dollars and created over 70,000 jobs.

  • The film industry offers union protected jobs in many fields that can benefit working class neighborhoods.

  • Providing hands-on workshops and information opens up career paths within the film and tv industry.


Leverage the Bushwick Film Festival’s Network

  • Supply know-how, networking and filmmaking resources to BFI students.

  • Elevate BFI talent through the festival’s powerful platform.

  • Leverage the festival’s industry contacts to enhance BFI programming.



Bushwick has become a hub for film production companies and sound stages. this summer, bushwick film festival sponsor chemistry creative opened their doors to our students for a day-long workshop. the day began with a tour of their sound stages by their founder Pete Sax (middle), who gave an inspiring lecture on pursuing a career in the arts. Later B&H Photo, Canon, Manfrotto and rode provided hands on classes.

The way I grew up, I never saw myself on screen. I would look at the screen and think, ‘Well, there’s no way I can do it, because I’m not there.’ And it’s like as soon as you follow your dreams, you give other people the allowance to follow theirs.
— Gina Rodriguez